Monday, 1 February 2010

The Potassium Phosphate Tree

Frozen Bath Bubbles

'Test Cuff' played 9x actual speed in reverse

The Bubble Dress is a fashion experience.
It is also a fashion prediction, it is forecasted into 2025 where the government has banned all fast fashion due to its impact on the earths environment. Clothing exists but its a mass of heavy duty durability with a life long promise. it's boring. customization is the way forward for individuality with local seamstresses and designer makers reappearing. Re-cutting vintage pieces, cloth and whatever they have stashed and saved over the years is the only way to create a 'look'.

The Bubble Dress is a fashion experience.
It uses material that is a bi - product.
It can transform.
It costs nothing.
It can be re-used.

'The Bubble Dress' actual speed

'The Bubble Dress' 9x actual speed

Wearing the Frozen Bubble Dress

The frozen bubble dress was lowered on to me as it wasn’t possible to put it on like a normal dress because the bubbles had been frozen onto silk haboutai and so it was a solid garment with no flexibility or zips etc.

As it came down over my body I didn’t initially feel any coldness on my body as the dress was very full and the only bit that was touching my skin was on my shoulders and bustline. But as the heat from my body, the photographic lights and the room began to take effect on the frozen bubble dress my body temperature began to drop and I started to feel cold. As the bubbles melted and began to drip on the floor and on my feet, my legs and feet began to feel the cold as well. Melted liquid began to run down my body and legs and form pools of cold water on the foil, which was covering the floor. I was wearing no shoes so it was my feet that was one of my extremities that first felt the cold. Gradually the coldness moved down my body from the shoulders and up my legs from the floor. Soon my whole body was feeling the cold but I wasn’t feeling as though my body was going to freeze up completely. I noticed that my body heat was actually drying off the fabric on my shoulders, which felt more comfortable. As more bubbles melted the fabric began to drape and touch the whole of my torso which made me feel uncomfortable again. Apart from the shoulders the whole dress was now draped over my body and still dripping. When it finally stopped dripping and all the filming and photographs had been taken, I was able to take off the dress and get warm again.

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